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Sports Camp Blueprint

John Berry

Nervous. Frustrated. Disappointed. As I finished reading a book, sprawled out on the couch, I realized I was in financial trouble.Soon after building our dream home in North Carolina, it looked as if everything was perfect. I was living the American dream. But in reality, my family was on the edge of financial ruin. I had maxed out credit cards, car notes and huge mortgages.Here I am! Charged with taking care of my family, and I’m failing them. To me, this was totally unacceptable!Believe it or not, my story is not unique. Many sports coaches are living check-to-check, over their heads in debt, and know if they get fired, they’re going to be in trouble.I asked myself, “What if there was a way I could add to my income while doing the very thing that I loved to do?!”I had to figure this out, and I did!As a basketball coach, I realized I could earn supplemental income by running basketball camps. Over the following 10 years, through trial and error, I perfected and implemented a profitable sports camp business model.I believe any sports coach can earn full, or part-time income by wrapping a business model around their skill-set.In the past 5 years, I’ve helped sports coaches, just like you, monetize their skill-set by running successful sports camps.To learn how to run your sports camps (regardless of sport), subscribe and listen to the Sports Camp Blueprint podcast.For the FREE "Monetize Your Coaching" PDF file, go to